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About FEi Magazine

Over 30 years of experience

  • TIME HAS NOT STOOD STILL since the magazine was first launched in 1976 (as 'Food Engineering International'), and neither has the magazine. The growth of the Internet has altered the role of trade magazines - news is readily accessible online, meaning that the emphasis of a good trade magazine is now more and more on strategic developments and analysis.

  • WE ARE CONSTANTLY REVIEWING our role in the provision of high quality business information to managers in European food and drinks companies, both in print and online.

  • PUTTING TOGETHER A NEW COMMUNICATIONS plan presents a good opportunity to re-focus on your customer. Who are they? What do they do all day? What do they need to know? How do they need to receive this information? Which magazine would they choose to read, and why?

  • OUR AIM IS TO ENSURE that Food Engineering & Ingredients is the magazine thats gets chosen to be read above all others - a combination of excellent editorial content in a style that is easily accessible. So while we hope you enjoy our magazine Food Engineering & Ingredients, and maybe even find some useful information in it to help you with your business, even more important to us is what your customer think of our publication!

  • THE DECISION MAKING UNIT (DMU) is very diverse, with managers from all disciplines increasingly needing a broad awareness of industry developments and an understanding  of what this could mean for their business. Hence our editorial coverage of four main elements of a food and drinks manufacturers business: Ingredients, Processing, Packaging and Food Safety.

  • SO MAKE SURE YOUR MESSAGE IS SEEN by your target group.
    With its high-quality readership, professional service, and objective editorial approach, Food Engineering & Ingredients is the magazine that hits the right target.


Every issue contains information-packed, thought-provoking editorial, special reports and the latest technology innovations in:

  • PROCESSING (covering preparation, processing and preservation)

PLUS  Exclusive interviews, research studies, surveys, discussion and analysis of current issues relevant to everyone working in the food sector such as: Consumer trends, food safety and quality assurance, customer marketing, R&D, environmental issues, legal requirements, technological developments.

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